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Connecting Streams equips and mobilizes the church to help society’s marginalized know Jesus and experience his power to change the world


You want to reach people who are marginalized by society with the transforming love of Jesus.

You aren’t sure how to get started, and there is no Connecting Streams’ presence in your location.

We can now help, with the Link Program.

Link teams minister, under the Connecting Streams’ model, in cities where CS does not have a staff presence.

The Connecting Streams’ Link Program was started in 2018 to help volunteers in any location go and serve society’s marginalized.

Link teams are unique because their volunteers serve in locations which do not have Connecting Streams’ staff.

Link teams are supported and trained by Connecting Streams’ staff members remotely, through online meetings and resources.

The Link Program was designed to support and equip followers of Jesus, in areas without Connecting Streams’ staff, to start and maintain an effective Connecting Streams’ team.

The Link Program is for volunteers who have an interest in taking the life-changing message of God’s love to society’s marginalized.

It only takes one person to go first, and take God’s love to the lost and lonely of our world.

If you feel called to be a part of what God is doing through Connecting Streams, but there currently isn’t a Connecting Streams ministry presence in your area, consider becoming a Link Team Leader.

We will help you gather a team and get started. Our staff team will support you over the long term.

Perhaps you are interested in volunteering with:

  • prison ministry,
  • young offenders,
  • widows,
  • long-term care,
  • an emergency housing shelter,
  • an addiction recovery facility,
  • homeless people, or
  • newcomers to Canada.

Use the form below to contact the Connecting Streams’ Link Coordinator and get the conversation started about serving marginalized people in your location.


Do you want to serve society’s marginalized people in your area, but you don’t know what to do, or how to get started?

If you feel called to be a part of what God is doing through Connecting Streams, but there isn’t currently a CS Staff Team in your area, consider becoming a Link Team Leader.

Contact our Link Coordinator using the Contact Form below.  This will put you in touch with the Connecting Streams’ Link Coordinator who will coach you through next steps, including assembling a team of volunteers, gaining access to an area of ministry, and what to do when you get there.

The CS Staff will support you over the long term, as you and your team take the good news of Jesus to the lost, lonely, vulnerable and hurting in your community.

Questions?  Use the Contact Form on this page for more information about the possibility of starting a Link Team in your area.

Why use the Connecting Streams’ Link Program to serve society’s marginalized?

Here are some of the ways being Connecting Streams can help:

  • we have prayer servants in place who will support you and your team with ongoing prayer
    • teams send regular updates and CS forwards them to volunteers who are committed to intercede for our volunteers in prayer
  • formal association with Connecting Streams brings credibility
    • founded in 2006, CS is an arm of the widely recognized Christian organization of Power to Change
    • mission/vision clearly defined
    • online presence (website with regularly updated blogs, social media)
    • branded materials
    • CS staff speakers at conferences
    • CS has a trackable history of helping society’s marginalized
  • you gain from our experience and our resources
    • application forms and clearance processes which are welcomed by agencies and organizations, mean that you can offer a team of pre-cleared volunteer to venues with restricted access
    • we have Statement of Faith, Code of Conduct, etc. for your use
  • ongoing training & resources – online, printed, face-to-face
    • we have a startup course (CS101) to ensure your team members have basic training before they start
    • 2 minute training videos regularly mailed out to all volunteers
    • face to face training in Edmonton AB twice yearly
    • numerous online training videos and resources available equipping leaders and team members for growth
  • team leader coaching
    • advice on tested practices
    • accountability
    • encouragement
    • insight
    • shared load when the need arises to navigate problems

Often, as followers of Jesus, we see the need and we want to help but we don’t know how.

If you have a desire and the commitment to follow through, Connecting Streams can help.

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If you are interested in taking the transforming message of Jesus to society’s marginalized in your location, we would love to help equip you, so that you can better do the work into which God may be inviting you.

Questions?  Contact us.

Your message will go to the Connecting Streams’ Link Program Coordinator.