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  • twice yearly training for volunteers


  • Saturday, March 10, 2018
  • 9:00 a.m. – noon


  • Calvary Community Church  |  8704 Millwoods Road N.W.   |  Edmonton, AB  |  T6K 3J3

This Spring we are offering two training workshops

We want all Connecting Streams’ volunteers to have the opportunity to attend both of these workshops. All registrants will be enrolled in both training sessions unless you request otherwise in the comments area of your Registration Form.


  • Ian King is a Resident Physician in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Alberta. Both his personal and professional journeys have been largely shaped and influenced by issues of Mental Health and Addiction.  Ian has excellent things to teach us about better understanding the spectrum of mental illness and addiction, in particular as it relates to hurt, lonely, and vulnerable people.
  • This session will be an open and frank discussion covering topics such as: defining and describing mental illness/addiction; developing relationships with individuals whose life circumstances may be difficult to relate to; defining success and setting useful expectations for ourselves when walking alongside those suffering with mental illness and/or addiction.

LEADING FROM THE SIDE    Trainers: Phil & Lorraine Taylor

  • Phil & Lorraine Taylor are the Connecting Streams’ National Leads for Welcome Home.
    Over years of ministry both in Canada and overseas, Phil and Lorry have acquired a practical tool belt of resources and tips on how to effectively disciple, using the Bible and without setting yourself up as an expert whose role is to dispense information.
  • In this session Phil & Lorry will train how to use the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) method. DBS works well with small groups of people interested in studying the Bible, who may or may not be Christians. DBS relies on the Bible and the teaching work of the Holy Spirit, rather than the leader. DBS is so simple that anyone can facilitate a group easily.  In the event of an unexpected absence by a team member, another team member can easily step in and lead the study. In this one session you will learn everything you need to start a DBS with your team.

Throughout the morning, there will be a PRAYER ROOM

led by: Emily Lecerf (staff)

You are welcome, and encouraged, to drop into the Prayer Room at any time during the morning to either be prayed for, or to join in praying for others.

Prayer Request slips will be available so that you can send requests to the intercessors in the Prayer Room.

If you would like to join the Prayer Room for a full session, on the Registration Form in the Comments area, please tell us which workshop you want to attend.



8:40 a.m.:  COFFEE’S ON

  • check in; get your nametag & registrant’s packet, find your chair and prepare your head & heart


  • for all registrants

9:45 a.m.:  TRAINING WORKSHOP 1 

  • the packet you receive on arrival will include details specific to you

10:30 a.m.:  BREAK   

  • coffee & snack
  • an opportunity for you to connect with the trainers as well as other volunteers

 11:00 a.m.:   TRAINING WORKSHOP 2

  • the packet you receive on arrival will include details specific to you

 11:50 a.m.:   COMMISSIONING and PRAYER

  • for all registrants

Registration Is Now Closed

*At this time, Connecting Streams’ Volunteer Training is open to anyone – at no cost. Please note that volunteers and those with a participatory interest in Connecting Streams will be given preference in the event that workshops fill up and space is limited.